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Generator Installations

Generator Installations

AV2E Electrical is your West Palm Beach generator expert. We offer and install reliable and innovative Generac and Kohler generators as power supply specialists. These generators include cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless transitions during outages, protecting your home or company from unexpected power disruptions. AV2E powers your facility with the finest generators.

AV2E Electrical installs portable and permanent pad mount generators to meet our customers’ different demands. Pad mount generators are permanently affixed to a concrete pad on your property. These machines offer constant electricity without the need for repositioning like portable generators. Our skilled installers customize the system to your needs, ensuring constant electricity for your peace of mind.

Let us handle electrical permit challenges. Applying for and acquiring generator installation permits is simplified by AV2E Electrical. Our skilled staff handles paperwork and local regulations so you can enjoy a steady power supply without difficulty. AV2E Electrical will install your generator smoothly and worry-free.

Hire Professional Electrical Contractors To Install Your Generator

Professional electrical contractors like AV2E Electrical are essential for installing generators for homes and businesses. Your power solution must be reliable, compliant, and safe. Every generator we install is functional and consistent with local legislation and safety requirements thanks to our team’s years of experience and expertise. By choosing AV2E Electrical, you’re hiring trained installers who put safety first. We meticulously follow industry best practices for every installation, reducing the chance of faulty installations.


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The right generator size depends on your outage power demands. Generator capacity depends on the number of appliances, HVAC systems, and devices you wish to power. Our staff can evaluate your needs and propose the right size for smooth backup power.

Portable generators are flexible but need manual fueling and setup. Fixed pad mount generators on concrete pads provide continuous power without repositioning. We can discuss the benefits of each kind and help you select the ideal one.


Generator installations need electrical permits in most places. Permit applications are handled by our staff to comply with local laws. We handle the paperwork, making installation easy.

Installation time depends on generator type and complexity. We usually examine the location, design the installation, get permissions, and install in a fair period. We attempt to minimize interruption to your routine and provide a safe and reliable installation.

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